vineri, 14 februarie 2014

Internet bussines promoting

I will run GSA Search Engine Ranker Tier1 and Tier2 for 5 days creating backlinks that are related to your website(s) and your keywords (also if you don't have a list of keywords we can find a lot for your bussines) and at the same time the anchors are made by changing keywords. The backlinks can be created on sites with a high page rank (you decide over what page rank to search, but don't expect a lot of backlinks if the page rank is too high, its gonna be hard). The articles are created by another special program and the unique 90%, all articles related to the keywords. 
The posts/accounts and other things that creates everything will be posted/made using proxy so there are no problems to disappear in time, the IPs used are everytime different (huge proxies list). 
On a campaign you can get over 1000 baclink to your website(s) and this will improve a lot your bussines in time. 

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